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About BitcoinAlley

BitcoinAlley has been in business since 2017. The value of our company is its people, who have been leaders in their respective industries for decades. The main purpose of BitcoinAlley is industrial Bitcoin mining in the USA utilizing renewable energy sources. We are fully vertically integrated and we do not rely on the outside suppliers for any of our needs and requirements to operate efficiently.

Major part of our business is providing A through Z services to any new business looking to enter the Bitcoin blockchain industry as well as providing the necessary support to well established blockchain businesses. From providing hosting and custody services, to supplying and building mining facilities from the ground up, we can do it all.Contact our team of experts with your inquires.

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About Us

Meet the Team

John Carlin

CEO / President

John recently retired from the Tennessee Valley Authority in 2016 as
Senior Vice President of operations at the Sequoia nuclear plant.

John’s background includes over four decades of experience in the field of power generation.  John started his career in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program.  While in the Navy he earned his Bachelor of Science in General Science from The University of the State of New York.  Upon leaving the Navy, he began his civilian career working for a major power and technology consulting firm, rapidly rising to an executive level while completing his MBA at National University.  He then transitioned to working at the executive leadership level with major power companies including Exelon, PSEG and the Tennessee Valley Authority.  He held governance and oversight responsibilities at the fleet and site level for all aspects of operations, engineering, business operations, physical security, cybersecurity, information technology, regulatory affairs as well as direct management of over $8B in major projects. 

John brings a wealth of business and decades of experience in the highly regulated power sector managing $2-12B business units.  His experience working in technically demanding industry and his demonstrated ability to manage multi-billion dollar operations makes him uniquely qualified to lead Bitcoin Alley.

Robert Carlin

V.P. Operations / Compliance

Bob Carlin’s experience includes over 20 years in the financial services sector in various capacities including as a stockbroker, compliance officer and as a compliance/operations consultant with a focus on regulatory issues.  Bob has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Bob is highly experienced in navigating various regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and that knowledge will be used to keep Bitcoin Alley in compliance with current and future regulations. As VP Operations/Compliance of Bitcoin Alley, he also brings experience in operations, finance, and risk management to the company. Bob will oversee operations, including and initiatives related to future expansion.

Peter Mikhailenok

Master of Coin / Director of Technology

Peter Mikhailenok is a Certified Bitcoin Professional and his experience spans the fields of technology, management, accounting, and finance. His past experience is in banking and high net worth fund management at UBS, Morgan Stanley and Solomon Smith Barney, medical devices manufacturing and certification, and financial automated systems programming. 

Since 2016 Peter has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency space advising funds, banks, and other financial businesses on increasing their exposure to blockchain technology. 

Peter is a graduate of Exeter College with a degree in Business Management and San Diego State University with Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance.

Frank Farrugia

Director of Infrastructure

Mr. Farrugia is a successful data center operations executive with over 30 years of experience in scaling, managing global data center operations most recently as the Vice President of Operations at Equinix (EQIX) the largest data center operator in the world.
He served many executive and managerial roles in various companies including NJFX, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital, Cushman Wakefield, Salomon Smith Barney.

He started in the data center industry in 1986 as a line engineer working his way up from the bottom. During the span of his career, Frank have been involved in all aspects of data centers ranging from design, construction, electrical, mechanical, power plants, chiller installs, UPS upgrades, power distribution expansions, site selection, planning, power planning, provisioning…etc.

There’s nothing that he has not touched or managed personally and have been responsible for various projects sizes from small, localized deployments to massive international rollouts with complex connectivity builds. Frank is a builder and enjoys growing/building large digital infrastructures.

Russell B. Adler, P.A.

In-house Legal Counsel

Experienced in litigation and development of legal solutions for a range of industries, including semiconductors, computer software, water purification, oil & gas, telecom, internet transactions, and renewable energy.

Our team of dedicated developers & engineers

We have built a team of professionals from all over the world to bring us the best and latest technology being developed in the Blockchain space. Our team is highly motivated and very passionate about their work, proud too.