Physical Mining Equipment Hosting


There are many struggles when it comes to building a proper Bitcoin mining facility which generates profit, specifically during Bitcoin price downturns. The primary struggle is getting lower power cost in a safe and compliant jurisdiction.

BitcoinAlley officers and board members possess the connections and the ability to source some of the least expensive and clean power in the United States – the safest jurisdiction for Bitcoin mining worldwide. We deal with the compliance, make arrangements with the local and state governments so you would not have to.

While we constantly grow our own mining operations, we offer some of our datacenter capacities to third parties to utilize our state-of-the-art facilities and inexpensive power. We will gladly discuss the possibilities, whether you have your own equipment or if you would like to rent or purchase ours. Let’s start the conversation and discover the options. Contact Us.

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You can also reach us at 1‑800‑287‑0134 or email us at support@bitcoinalley.